Memo From Marlon

I learned a lot about seo, article marketing and keyword selection from John. Here's a link to his product:

Unless you're the rawest newbie, you realize that's an affiliate link! He just got the forum up also ($11 a month is cheap for it).

Here's the link to the amazing thread:

This REALLY IS worth the time it takes to read the whole thing. Most everything in his product is in his thread. But he added a few videos. And, of course, it's a little more thorough and systematic.

Then, there's his forum if you want to be a member of it. I'm going to join for a month or two just to see what I can learn about seo.

Best wishes,


Here's a video I did showing how to use MicroNiche Finder and the SOC ranking. That's something I didn't understand before and I think it's pretty neat.